Bride forces guests into four days of manual labour to create her dream wedding

omg 26/04/2019

We can all agree that a lot of work goes into creating a wedding... But one bride has taken 'outsourcing' the work to a whole new level.

Instead of getting professionals to create her dream day, the bride forced her guests to!

The bride insisted that her wedding guests help out to make the wedding happen, it took them 4 days all up! One frustrated wedding guest took to Reddit to share the story after she was fed up of climbing trees to hang fairy lights...

"When we weren’t working outside we were inside making food, ironing millions of table clothes and napkins, making table toppers, and my friends mum who is a florist spent hours every day doing the flowers, all for free." the guest confessed.

"The bride helped with nothing. She sat inside in the air conditioning scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find new ideas she could make us build outside for her."

"Everyone was slowly getting sick of the bride. It sucked coming inside after laying a brick walkway to see her kicked back relaxing, and it sucked making Pinterest snacks while she barked orders from the table." The guest continued.

"I don’t know how wedding planners do it, and now know why people spend months/years planning a wedding. It made me want to just have a courthouse wedding because never again."

This would certainly be one wedding the guests wouldn't forget!

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle