Bride saves thousands on dream wedding by using one simple Kmart hack

we love 05/04/2019

Having your dream wedding can become very expensive very fast, but one Aussie bride has managed to achieve the wedding she wanted for a whole lot less all thanks to Kmart!

The hack was a simple one. The bride was drawn to the hack after receiving a hefty quote from a bridal florist.

“The price of flowers themselves are just so insane,” she told Yahoo, “I actually even got quoted $50 just to get a quote.”

“At that point I knew that my mum could do better, she’s always been so creative and clever with things.”

With the bride already being a big Kmart fan, her and her mum went to their local Kmart and collected a few bunches of their synthetic flowers. They combined the $5 bunch of peonies with the $5 bunch of white roses and added some olive leaves from their home garden.

They also decorated the arbor for the ceremony, and arranged bouquets for the bridesmaids and flower girls.

“All up I think we spent about $70,” she says, “I would say we saved anywhere from $500 plus, depending upon who you see.”

Bridal bouquets generally start at around $150, and according to Money Smart, couples spend an average of $2,900 on flowers and decorations for their big day. 

So this bride did manage to carve quite a chunk off of the total cost of her wedding!