Dad turns son's Cozy Coupe into epic hot rod inspired car

we love 18/04/2019

One dad has turned his son's Little Tykes Cozy Coupe into an epic, one-off, state-of-the-art hot rod inspired vehicle.

When the dad and his wife discovered that they were having a little boy, Dad (Ryan) decided to get to work on something that his son could enjoy and hopefully something that could be passed down through the generations.

That something was an epic transformation of a Cozy Coupe.

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The toy vehicle, modelled on an “old school 440 hemi engine”, comes complete with a pretend motor (made with specially cut-out aluminium), radiator, chassis, new front jockey trailer wheels, real spark plug leads and air cleaners. The parents have left the floor in the bottom of the coupe for now until Joshua is ready to pedal it around himself.

It cost the couple $20 for the coupe and $400 in materials, but they said seeing the joy on their son’s face on his birthday was priceless.

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The family live in a small town and say that the looks and smiles they get from locals when they walk down to the shops is so great.

They say when their little boy gets too big, they will park the hotrod up in the shed and hope that it will be able to get passed down for generations to come.

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