Dog people live much happier lives than cat people finds study

omg 10/04/2019

We all love our pets - but a recent study from the US has shown that having one pet in particular has huge positive effects on your life.

The University of Chicago have done a study which found that owners of dogs a much happier than owners of cats!

36% of dog owners reported being 'very happy' with their life, while only 16% of cat owners reported the same. Sample sizes over the years the study was conducted ranged between 1500 and 3000 people.

The same study also showed dog owners were more likely to marry and own a home - which have been found to be key factors in life satisfaction. But it doesn't stop there, dog owners are even more likely to be fitter!

So if you've got a pup in your life, it might be time to give them an extra treat and say thanks.