Game Of Thrones fans are going bananas over 'GOT' themed gender reveal idea

we love 29/04/2019

Unless you have literally been hibernating in some remote part of the world, it would be pretty hard for you to not know that the eighth and final season of popular TV series Game Of Thrones is currently being dripfed to the fanatics.

And among all the drama, fan theories and those mourning their favourite characters, a company has released a super cool dragon egg that is perfect for Game Of Thrones fans planning to announce the gender of their baby.

The 'GOT' inspired gender reveal eggs are made to replicate dragon eggs and change colour (depending on temprature) to suit the gender of the baby you are announcing.

The eggs are handmade and can turn blue, pink or rainbow when heated.

And while unfortunately they don't crack open to reveal a dragon, they can be used as something of an heirloom and be reused over and over again!

So who knows, if your kids grow up to love the GOT series, they could use it when it's their turn to announce their kidlets too!