Girlfriend offended as boyfriend tries to propose with ex-fiance's ring

omg 16/04/2019

A woman has taken to the internet to seek help over her predicament with her current partner.

He has approached her and asked if he could propose to her using the ring the that he originally had custom made for his previous fiance.

She has been with her partner for three years, and the ring cost him a lot of money, but she does feel a little unsure.

“He asked if I was okay with him giving me the old ring because it’s just been sitting in his cupboard, and he felt like there was finally a purpose to that old ring.”

The woman admits that she understands “the practicality of it” since “it’ll go to waste if he doesn’t use it”.

And, by not purchasing a new ring, she continues, the couple will be able to save their money for “more important things like our house instead”.

But she does keep going back to the fact that she can't get over how the ring was originally made with someone else in mind.

"As a jeweller, I'd say keep the diamond, and reset it. A diamond is a diamond, and the mounting should be just for you. If you think the stones and metal aren't worth much, get yourself a new ring. That's gross, trying to give you a ring completely made for someone else. You'd look at that thing every day, and resent him for his cheapness." one person wrote, providing some good advice.

Another person agreed, saying "If there's ever a time to throw out practicality and focus on a little romance, it's when it comes to your engagement ring."

Although some disagreed, saying that it's not all about the ring.

"My dad proposed to someone else who declined, then used the same ring for my mum... 47 years ago," shared a user. "They're still married and she still wears the ring. It is the marriage that matters. Not the ring."