Groom's ex crashes wedding in bridal gown during ceremony, begs forgiveness

omg 10/04/2019

A wedding in China didn't quite go to plan after the groom's spurned ex-girlfriend crashed the ceremony in a bridal gown, begging him to take her back.

According to Chinese news site Sina, the distressed ex-lover burst in just as the groom was moving in to kiss his new bride.

In the 30-second video, the ex-girlfriend pulls the shocked groom away from his new wife, begging him to forgive her. The furious bride storms away from the embarrassing drama, which has since gone viral.

The wedding MC is clearly shocked by the scene, telling the crowd "we have an unexpected situation here" before adding that "perhaps this is the reality of love".

He then quotes a famous Chinese proverb: "If you ask life what love is, it is to devote your life to someone else."

According to the Daily Mail, web users on Chinese social media site Weibo, have slammed the move and expressed their support for the furious bride.

"Do not destroy other's relationship to satisfy your own obsession," one comment read, while another said, "This exactly why you can't be friends with an ex".

A third viewer wrote that it was "more than inappropriate".

"From the stand point of the bride, how could the wedding carry on?"