Image goes viral using easter eggs as a childbirth guide

omg 11/04/2019

With easter literally just around the corner, it seems everywhere we go chocolate eggs are donning the shelves.

And while many of us are trying to choose which eggs to buy our friends and family, while also using all of our willpower trying not to scoff our faces full of the delicious choc, some people have discovered a different way to make use of their easter eggs.

A parenting blog called Kalma Baby Baby shared a chart showing the size of various eggs in comparison to the size of a woman's cervix during childbirth.

The cervix dilation/Easter egg chart shows the full range - from a teeny 1cm Mini Egg on to a 2cm Lindt egg, a 3cm Dime Dairy Milk egg, 4cm Smarties egg, a 5cm actual boiled egg, 6cm Kinder Surprise, 7cm Milkybar egg, 8cm Cadbury Buttons egg, a 9cm Rolo egg and finally a 10cm Cadbury's Easter Egg.

While the chart is quite a cool way to understand childbirth a little better, it's had really mixed responses when a maternity page shared it on their social media.

"Easter is cancelled." wrote one commenter.

Another added: "I'll never look at a Mini Egg in quite the same away!"

Meanwhile a third admitted to feeling 'traumatised and peckish' at the same time.