Mum furious after no one can pronounce her baby's common name

omg 16/04/2019

A mum has taken to popular online Mums group Mumsnet to complain how her baby's name is always being misprounounced even though it is very common.

The new mum was very frustrated, especially since it was happening so much when her baby was only 3 months old.

“So my baby girl is almost three months old, we named her Alyssa,” she wrote on the popular parenting website.

Probably about 75% of people have mispronounced her name and it’s really starting to get to me now!

"I don’t want her having to go through life having to correct people all the time. How would you pronounce Alyssa?" she wrote.

Her rant saw replies from a large response of fellow mums who sympathised with her and also offered pronounciations of how they read the name Alyssa.

“A (as in apple) – liss (as in miss) – a (again as in apple)." one user suggested.

“I’d pronounce it a-LISS-a, with the emphasis on the middle syllable. I know an Alyssa, and that’s how she says it.” another agreed.

Throwing a curveball, a third shared: “I’d pronounce the Y.”

And even more controversially, some one replied saying: “Where I’m from it would be pronounced Al-eee-sha.”

Alyssa’s mum responded to the comments by clarifying, “I pronounce it A-liss-a, which I thought was fairly obvious. But loads of people are calling her a-lee-sa…driving me mad!”

While we can see how annoying being called a wrong version of your name is, we guess it is something that the mum and baby Alyssa are going have to get used to...