Mum left shocked after botched microblade procedure gives her four eyebrows

omg 17/04/2019

Eyebrows are such an important part of someones face, and while when we look back to the 90's we cringe at how our brows looked (even though it was fashion) we do try and make them look a bit better these days.

Microblading has seemed to rise massively in popularity over the last couple of years and many people love the results they see with their eyebrows permanently filled in. 

But one mum from the US was left shocked and embarrassed after she went into get her eyebrows microbladed and she came out looking like she had four eyebrows.

This is her before photo:

"I would never wish this on my worst enemy," the distraught mum-of-three told a US news station.

"What it's done to my self-confidence, it's been hard."

She also shared that she was "even dating a guy, and he stopped dating me at that point.

"I was devastated," she added.

She is currently working to get the extra set of brows removed from her forehead by a professional tattoo removalist.