Mum reveals her genius hack when it comes to brushing her kid's teeth

parenting 24/04/2019

Parenting ain't easy, and one of the common struggles that come with being a parent is attempting to get your child into the routine of brushing their teeth.

Some kids are angels who take themselves to the bathroom sink to scrub their teeth, while others need gentle reminders. But there are some kid's who despise brushing their teeth and you almost need a whole army to wrestle them down and clean their cavities.

One mum took to a parenting Facebook page Gentle Parenting UK, to write about her experience with trying to get her toddler, Liberty, to clean her teeth.

She said it was a daily battle getting her daughter to brush her teeth and her and her husband were becoming frustratingly desperate. They had tried many ideas to get their young daughter to clean her teeth over the months, but it wasn't until they turned it into a sort of game that cleaning teeth became a regular thing.

The mum and dad decided one night to 'open up a dentistry office' in their lounge one evening. 

Writing on the mums Facebook group, the mum wrote: "I told her I was opening up a dentist upstairs. ‘I told her she had to wait in the “waiting room” I would come and get her when I had got the room ready (at this point I thought she would probably run off once she saw the brush)."

She continued, "Anyway, I came out and said “Liberty Woodman would you like to come in”, she came walking in, I asked her to lay down and rest her head on my lap, I said I would count her teeth first.. and my assistant (dad) would write the numbers down."

She added, "I said I would now make them sparkle…so I started brushing while talking to her saying “wow you must really look after your teeth they look amazing!! ‘”You must eat really well I can’t see any bad spots.” ‘I brushed her teeth more thoroughly than ever before! She got up, said thank you very much I will see you again tomorrow. She went out and ‘paid’ at the ‘reception'."

Apparently the little game worked so well, Liberty regularly asks if the dentist can open early!

Many fellow mums praised the idea, calling it a genius, fun way to bond with your toddler while also making sure they have good dental hygiene.