Mum ripped to shreds online after telling her daughter to give up on her dreams

parenting 08/04/2019

A mum has been annihilated after revealing online that she told her daughter to give up on her dreams.

The mum explained that she was a doctor, and had graduated from one of the top medical schools in the country. She also said that her eldest daughter was well and truly following in her footsteps, excelling at school and looking very likely to be accepted into the same medical school.

The post turned sour when the mum said her youngest daughter was also hoping to be a doctor when she finishes school. 

"My youngest daughter is not like us." she wrote.

"For my eldest daughter and I, math and science come more naturally. It’s not something we need to work hard at. My youngest daughter, however, really struggles with these topics... she has to study for her classes for hours and hours just to get the average grade at a school that’s not very difficult."

The mum tried to turn the harsh words about her youngest around by trying to give her credit for being a hardworker, but then return to the putdowns saying that "she can take her talents elsewhere".

After the mum told her youngest daughter that she did not believe she should follow her dreams of being a doctor and instead pour her hardwork into a different career path, the daughter was upset and refused to talk to her.

The woman's husband also scolded her for shooting down their daughters dreams.

I understand that her feelings may have been hurt and while that’s valid, I think tough love will help her in the future.

Online, people ripped the mum apart - almost everyone disagreed with her 'tough love' way of parenting.

"You know what you call the person who finishes last in their med school class? Doctor." one wrote.

"I can't imagine what it must be like knowing your own mother thinks so much less of you because you weren't born perfect like your sister was, and that having to actually study and work for your grades (gasp the horror!) means you're doomed to failure." another said.

"Perhaps you should consider an alternate career. With an attitude like yours, I can only imagine what your bedside manner is like. I only hope I never end up in your hands." another woman wrote.

"So she struggles? oh. ok. lots of people do. but here you have a kid who is so damned hard-working and determined that she's doing it. why are you acting like you're ashamed of her? Why are you getting in her way instead of helping her achieve her goals?"

The mum has not replied to any of the comments made in reply to her post.