Mum's home cooked sausage rolls deemed 'too fatty' by child's preschool

omg 26/04/2019

A mum has expressed her frustration after being handed a note from her child's pre-school about the lunch she packed for him.

"So I cooked my butt off... Included in the cook were sausage rolls loaded with veg I sent them off to preschool with them to return along with this note," the mum wrote online.

She then shared a photo of the note which read...

"Let's work together to make it easier for children to make healthy choices! There were lots of great choices in this lunchbox however..."

"Sausage rolls [are] too high in fat... (Please provide nutrient value if they are homemade) - insert smiley face."

"The food did not 'fit with our service's nutrition guidelines. For some healthier lunchbox ideas, ask an educator, or go to the Good for Kids website," 

The mum was pretty annoyed by the note and so were other people online...

"How on earth is anyone expected to provide a nutritional rating? Not being a food scientist I've no idea on fat/100g and other things," one person wrote.

"That's ridiculous! If they're going to be policing lunchboxes, they should provide lunch then!" another added.

Someone else put it a bit more bluntly - "Hey teacher, I feed my kids, you teach my kids,"

What do you make of the note from the pre-school.