Mum's relateable plea to husband goes viral

we love 05/04/2019

A mum has put a public plea to her husband out on her Facebook page - and it's gone viral.

The woman, who is also a mum blogger, made a request to the men in fellow mum's lives to take pictures of them.

On behalf of mamas everywhere, I have an important request: Take our picture

"Even when we complain, even when our hair is a mess. Even when we are wearing a dingy, oversized sweatshirt. Take our picture. I know this isn't something on the forefront of your mind, and that's okay. We don't need every special moment documented ... but, let's be honest. We spend a lot of time doing just that for everyone else. Please. Take our picture."

"You may not realise it now, but we've taken hundreds of sneaky photos of you and the people you love." she wrote.

"When we see you snuggled on the couch with our babies or playing catch in the backyard, our hearts fill with joy and we can't help but take your picture. Or maybe you DO realise it, and it's a little bit annoying. I can understand that, too.

"But here is a little reminder of these pictures are SO dang important:

One day, we won't be around for our babies.

"One day, you and I will be gone and what will remain of us will be the memories we've captured of this beautiful life we made. One day, our kids will gather around a table and scroll through images of these precious, fleeting days. They will cry and laugh and commiserate.

"They will say 'Remember that vacation? Remember that day?' And it will be so, so beautiful. But if every single picture was taken by their mama, guess who won't be in those memories?"

Men, husbands, people who love us, take our picture.