Mum shares her four-rule sign that she uses to stop shower time being interrupted

parenting 10/04/2019

One thing that a lot of people take for granted pre-kids is just how precious solo shower time - and toilet time - are.

A mum-of-three was sick to death of having her showertime interrupted by her kids and decided to take back her freedom and grabbed a pen and paper to make a sign.

She spelt the rules out for her three children, aged 10,9 and 6, and told them the only times they are able to interrupt her of her shower time.

“If mum or dad are in the shower, before you knock on the door, ask yourself these questions first,” she wrote.

“Is someone dying?

“Is someone bleeding a lot?

“Does someone need an ambulance?

“Is there someone at the door?

At the end of the list, Kerryn concluded, "If you answer yes to any of these, you can knock. If NOT then let us shower in peace!! Love, Mum."

And then she posted the notice to the front of her bathroom door for her kids to see, and then on to her personal Facebook account for her friends to enjoy.