Mum shares ingenious Kmart hack for messy toddlers

we love 26/04/2019

If you're a parent of a messy kid, you know how it can be frustrating at times! After cleaning the house, it's like you turn around and it's all gone back to how it was.

One mum found that this happened often, especially when her little one was watching TV on the couch. Food and drink spillage was a common occurrence and she was sick of having to get stains out the furniture.

That is how she came up with an ingenious hack for her toddler so that he could still watch his shows, eat his snacks and drink his drink all while not getting a single bit of mess on the couch.

Using a Kmart $20 Pet Quilted Couch Topper, the mum lay it on the couch and plopped her son on it - and she was super impressed at how well it worked!

Not only was it fun for her son to sit on, it also protected her couch very well.

And when her son is all done with tv time, she can easily take it off of the couch, take it outside and give it a shake.