Mum shares super cheap hack that saved couch from toddler's wrath

omg 08/04/2019

A mum-of-two took to the popular Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean' to share a hack that legitimately worked as a lifesaver.

After her "schemer, thinker, plotter, escapist, creative genius and subtle sleuth," three year old son was left unattended for mere minutes (which the mum admitted she should never do with him), she noticed things were a little too quiet and ducked her head around the corner only to find he had opened up her handbag, grabbed her two favourite bright lippys and painted her "couch, recliner, wall and carpet".

"As I followed this trail of red, I was met with the horrific scene. A complete massacre," Jessica said.

The front of her suede beige couch was covered in thick, red, waxy lipstick.

Jessica frantically Googled ways to remove lipstick while her husband got to work cleaning their child.

It was on Google that she discovered a hack that she decided to try. It was using nothing more than Morning Fresh Dishwash Liquid with a bit of elbow grease.

"I rubbed it into the material with my fingers and it worked, I was so shocked!" Jessica told

Fighting her way through cramping and muscle spasms, Jessica worked her way through the lipstick stained couch and was completely gobsmacked at the result.

It took her around 3 hours for the couch to come up like new again.