Mum slammed online for how she catered daughter's birthday party

omg 12/04/2019

A kiwi mum has been the target of some nasty comments after she shared a photo of her daughter's 7th birthday party.

The mum shared an impressive image of the spread she provided for her daughter and her guests including KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut. 

Overall, the mammoth meal included 20 cheeseburgers from McDonald's, 20 cans of fizzy drink, 10 pizzas, six buckets of KFC and coleslaw, as well as five tubs of potato and gravy.

And while we could imagine the kids would have gone bananas for the fast food feast, a lot of parents did not agree with how the kiwi mum catered the party and slammed her in the comments section of her post.

"Happy birthday, we got you a heart attack," one person said.

"New Zealand has a massive obesity problem and this is not helping. No seven year old needs food like this," another suggested.

But there were many who stood up for the mum, saying that the spread would have been for the whole family not just for the 7 year old and a handful of her friends.

"At least this mama paid for the kai unlike those bloody unruly tourists from the UK who did nothing but cause New Zealand a headache."