Puppy gives hilarious animated reaction to her mum announcing she's pregnant

funny stuff 29/04/2019

A nine-month-old Weimaraner has gone viral after she had the best reaction to being told she was going to become a big sister.

After the pup, Raegan, was told the big news by her owner, the puppy's jaw dropped in an hilariously animated expression.

The moment was captured on camera, and left not only the owners in stitches, but also thousands of people on the internet.

"Our goal was to get a cute picture of Raegan... looking at her baby bump." the fiance said.

When taking the picture, the owners cooed that she was going to be a big sister, and that was when the pooch did the hilarious reaction that showed shock and concern.

The couple say they can't wait to take more progress pictures throughout the pregnancy, but will wait until the news has settled with Raegan.