'Pyramid scheme' destroys wedding for bride

omg 17/04/2019

When it comes to your big wedding day, there are always fears that something catastrophic may go may go wrong. Maybe the photographer cancels at the last minute, a jealous ex turns up, the wedding car breaks down on the way to the venue or a huge storm sweeps through on the day.

But the last worry on most bride's minds is how a 'pyramid scheme' could so tragically destroy a wedding.

One bride went online to share her story of her wedding and the dangers of getting multi-level marketing schemes on board.

The bride had a good-paying, steady job while her fiance had an average job that she hated at a call center.

Writing in her post, the future bride said: “She asked if she could drop down to part time to plan the wedding. I have a very good job so I said yes, I can cover bills and have a fair amount in savings.”

When the woman's fiance gave up her fulltime call centre job, she instead signed up to be a part of a multi-level-marketing scheme - and things fast went downhill from there.

It became her whole life very fast. She quit doing part time so she could sell (the products) full time,

“I found out about two hours ago that we won’t be having a family party,” she said, disclosing that her future wife decided the space should be used for her and her friends to sell their products to their guests on their wedding day.

“So the big wedding hall that is booked is now apparently a massive meet up of local woman who sell items from their homes,” the woman shared.

Torn, the woman asked for users advice on whether to call off the wedding altogether.

“It feels wrong to be to tell them (family and friends) that this is our wedding when really it’s a bunch of people trying to sell them stuff,” she wrote.

The response was almost unanimous.

“Does she want a wedding or a craft fair?” wrote one user. “If it is just a craft fair, she doesn’t need you there and I would tell her that.”

“Just explain you are happy to support her any other day apart from your wedding day,” another user wrote. “Your wedding day is about the both of you and not about her business.”

The overarching advice was to postpone any wedding plans until the mess was sorted.