Research reveals that night owls have a shorter life span than those who aren't

omg 15/04/2019

If you're someone who likes to stay up well into the wee hours of the morning scrolling through social media, reading books, working on projects or watching your favourite tv shows and movies then a new study may make you want to change those habits.

Those who are night owls are at greater risk of a premature death than your early bird counterparts.

Researching over half a million people, scientists in the UK found that over a six year period, night owls had a 10 per cent greater risk of death than early risers. 

The same was still true after adjusting for expected health problems in night owls such as heart disease and metabolic dysfunction.

The scientists did say that instead of trying to force yourself to go to bed earlier in order to try and save a few years on the end of your life, that society needs to change. 

They called on employers to offer more flexible work hours for their staff.

The study – published in the journal Chronobiology International – also found higher rates of mental disorders, diabetes and neurological conditions in late nighters.

It was also associated with lack of exercise and sleep, stress, eating at the wrong time and drug and alcohol use.