Study confirms that men talk way more 'bull' than women

funny stuff 29/04/2019

A recent study has found that mean are much more likely to talk 'bull' and talk themselves up than women.

"Everyone knows a bullsh*tter but there's been very little work done on them," said John Jerrim, one of the researchers.

"Who bullsh*ts, and the psychological traits they share, are important questions to answer."

Once the study was complete they found some interesting results...

"Boys are bigger bullsh*tters than girls, children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds tend to bullsh*t more than those from lower ones, and North Americans bullshit the most"

"Everyone gets a question in a job interview that they cannot answer. If you're an effective bullsh*tter, it might help you get your foot in the door. It might also help with academic grant proposals."

So while the results show that men talk bull more often, it's also not good news for the country as a whole... New Zealand is ranked the 4th highest for 'bullsh*tting' in the world.