Teacher's genius 'mental health check-in' for her students goes viral

we love 03/04/2019

A method a teacher is using to monitor the mental wellbeing of students in their classroom has been praised after going viral online.

The idea encourages students to anonymously let their teacher know how they are feeling at the start of each school week.

Each child writes their name on the back of a post-it note and places it beside one of six categories ranging from "I'm great" to "I'm having a tough time and wouldn't mind a check-in".

The teacher then takes time throughout the week to privately chat to struggling students to see if they want to talk about what's going on in their life.

Over the past week the Facebook post by Tara Mitchell Holman, from Cincinnati, has been shared over 176,000 times and sparked overwhelmingly positive responses.

"Love this! Saving this for when I get my own classroom one day!," one user replied.

"Incredible. Smart, great teacher full of heart, not bitter or hateful, we need more teachers like this," another added.

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