Woman ditches her sisters wedding after her intense bridezilla demands

omg 30/04/2019

A woman has been forced to ditch her own sisters wedding, after the sisters ridiculous demands got too much for her.

Venting online, the woman said that just weeks out from her sisters big day she had to pull pin because her sister was an absolute nightmare.

She didn’t think it was her place to say anything until she, along with the other wedding guests, received an email of requirements from the bride.

“These requirements were a joke. Some of them were just nonsensical like what colour ties are and aren't allowed or that no one can talk to the wife or groom alone,” she wrote.

“But some were absurd like the fact that no one is supposed to take pictures except the photographer for the whole event, no facial hair will be allowed or you will not be pictured, or that any women with shoulder length or longer hair must have it cut or wear it in a pony tail."

“The worst though was the ‘gift requirements’. According to the email a gift of $300 value or more MUST be given (or $250 cash) or you will not be allowed into the venue."

“The email also ends with ‘Those who choose not to follow these rules will be asked to leave. Please think of the bride and groom's wishes during this stressful time’.”

When the woman told her sister that she would not be attending, apparently it all went downhill with her sister accusing her of being selfish for the fact she wouldn't attend her own blood's big day.

What is even worse, is the woman and the bride's parents believe that the bride is in the right and that the woman should pull herself together and be there for her sister.