Woman furious after boyfriend proposes to her with a ring shaped like a dog paw

omg 24/04/2019

A woman has received mixed feedback online after venting her frustration over the engagement ring her now fiance chose for her.

The engagement ring she's talking about was in the shape of a dog paw... Which she didn't take too kindly to!

"I love my future husband but I forced him to melt this down and turn it into not-a-dog-paw." she wrote on Facebook.

"Who in their right mind would want to walk around with a dog paw on their hand? Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog – our fur baby makes us act like 'those people', but I draw the line at dog-themed jewelry I’m expected to wear every day of my life."

The response has been mixed so far...

One person took her side by writing "I am one of those legitimate psychos that spends all their free time at dog shows and if my husband gave me this I would divorce him."

Someone else stuck up for the man by saying ‘the only person worth shaming is you, for being ungrateful.’

How would you react to getting this engagement ring?

Source: Metro