Woman left at wits end over husband's strange bathroom habit

omg 16/04/2019

Everyone has their own weird, quirky habits. While we tolerate and learn to love most people's, there are some that are so frustrating and instead of getting used to the habit, we just start to resent the person more and more.

One mum is at her wits end after her husband's habit, that she has been putting up with for years, is getting seemingly worse as their household grows.

The woman's husband regularly uses the bathroom. But he not only uses it often, he hogs it for anywhere between 45 minutes to two hours at a time.

The worst thing for the woman, is that she has no actual idea what he gets up to when he is in there.

The woman turned to the internet for help with her issue that is keeping her and her son from being able to access the loo.

"Any attempts to persuade him to hurry are futile and [my son] and I are left to fend for ourselves," she wrote.

"Fortunately, my son has a private little corner of our backyard where he can go relieve himself in emergencies, but it can be torture for myself or any other women stuck waiting to tinkle."

She added that she once had to "almost beat the door down" before her husband "finally, graciously, relinquished the bathroom."

The situation gets even worse when her husband decides to multitask, the poor mum adding that if he uses the toilet then decides to shower "You will literally wait for hours!"

The mum said that she has endured his strange habit for years, and he has never not done it. Even when she was heavily pregnant, and after she had just given birth. 

"I was so mad that he could take that time for himself so easily when I couldn't even find 15 minutes to shower!"

When she does confront her husband about his behaviour, he acts like there's nothing wrong, or tells her things like "I thought you went when you got home from work" and "you should have told me earlier."

The frustrated mum asked for other mums to sympathise with her so she didn't feel so "overbearing" when she told her husband off for it.

But many said that he is in there for far too long and that it was very unfair. The only woman who had partners who had similar habits said that they would never stay in there longer than 20-30 minutes.

Some suggested that she switch off the wifi while he is in there or just take the whole door off of the hinges.

While the latter option may seem a little extreme - everyone agreed that it would definetly get him off of the porcelian throne!