Woman share the funniest things their partners have said in their sleep

funny stuff 16/04/2019

Sleep talking is a funny thing. And while a lot of people grow out of the habit when they get older, some people stay sleep talking forever.

Sleep talking can be triggered when someone is super tired, having a crazy dream or it could just occur regularly with no real explanation. But one thing is for sure, sleep talking can provide some great chats in the middle of the night!

Woman on Twitter & Imgur started sharing the best, funniest and most random things they heard their partners say during the night - and some of them have proved to be hilarious!

One lady, @hellosodas, regularly updated her followers on her husbands 'word salad'.

"I've never seen that brand before. That camp those particular flavours feel..." her husband recently said.

"Star Wars Batmobile" was a personal favourite.

Amongst his one-liners, he also sometimes randomly burst into laughter.

We could imagine that would be very creepy for his wife!

Other wives and partners replied to the chat with some great one-liners from their husbands too:

'Butterfly you make a mistake walking in front of me,"

"I watched your street for like, an hour."

"I just don't know. I THINK I ROLLED IT OVER."

"Tuna? What's tuna?"

"You threw my pen. WHY?"

"Where's the baby tiger."

"The tacos made the alarm sound."

Do you have any sleep-talk oneliners to beat?