Working dad says he shouldn't have to get up at night to calm crying newborns

parenting 11/04/2019

A father of newborn twins has turned to the internet for advice, saying he doesn't think he should have to get up in the night to comfort them when he works all week.

Posting in the popular Reddit forum 'Am I an A**hole?', the new dad wrote that he works between 72 and 84 hours per week, usually on 12-hour shifts, while his wife is at home with the babies.

"I help whenever I'm not working, but have told my wife she has to cover the overnights as I need sleep for work," he explained.

"She thinks it's unfair however she can take two hour naps while they sleep while I can't do that at my job."

The man also added he takes care of his children early on the weekends while his wife sleeps in, and they have a nanny from 8am-3pm on weekdays, apparently to imply his wife can rest during that time.

The post attracted almost 800 comments, with opinion heavily split on the subject. Many thought the man had a pretty good point.

"Working 70+ hour work weeks isn't doing his part?" on person responded.

"I'm sorry, but the [mother] gets a nanny to take care of the kids during the day and help with house chores, he helps with the kids as soon as he gets home... given the circumstances, I'd say it's fair to have her to most of the night wakeups," added another.

One person wrote simply: "He has zero opportunity to sleep at work. Wife does. End of story."

However others thought he was being unreasonable.

"You signed up for this when you had kiddos," one person wrote.

"It's only been three weeks, she's still bleeding, in horrible pain, exhausted, hormones crashing," reasoned another.

"Her body will heal and she will be able to handle more and more, but at three weeks she is physically suffering," they added.

The poster didn't take kindly to some of the less supportive comments, adding a later amendment to his post.

"I'm getting flamed. I don't need to be called a piece of shit. I came here for a legit AITA and for thoughts. Insulting me isn't constructive in any way," he argued.

The final verdict on the post away from in his favour, with the man dubbed an "asshole" on the page.