Mum launches "AirBnB for baby gear" rental service in NZ

trending 27/05/2019

Baby gear can cost a small fortune - so how good would it be for a parent to one-off hire quality items they need for their little bubba?

That's where Tree Hut Village founder Eva Wintersberger found a necessity in the market.

Her parent-to-parent service idea was sparked when she and her Kiwi husband were on holiday at the Australian Whitsundays with their baby Max, wishing she could find someone local to pay to borrow a stroller for the trip.

Now, Tree Hut Village, which was founded in Australia, boasts more than 5000 users in two years, and finally launches in NZ.

Kiwis can now rent buggies, travel cots and car seats from other parents, or offer up their own items for rental for a bit of cash on the side.

"We have parents making anything from $50 to $3,000 a year depending on the effort they are putting in. It’s great for covering small extra expenses when you’re down to one income," says Eva.

"And being passionate about sustainability we’re so glad to be doing something that means items are being used multiple times rather than going straight to landfill."