Mum stands by her baby name after friends say it sounds like a dog's name

omg 29/05/2019

How would you react to your friends if they urged you to change the name you'd decided upon for your child?

A woman online has vented her frustrations after this exact thing happened to her!

Writing on the netmums forum she said "we've fallen in love with the name Huxley, but whenever I tell anyone they pull a face and say it's a dog's name.

"I'm trying to stick to what my partner and I like but it's so disheartening. Can you just ignore negative opinions or should I be listening to them?"

People were quick to offer their support to the expecting mum.

"When I hear the name Huxley, I don't think of a dog, I think of Aldous Huxley, the world-renowned author!" one wrote.

"Call your child what you like... Hopefully your child will like it!" added another.

To make things more comforting for the mum, the name Huxley hasn't appeared on the top 100 dog names for this year.