Research reveals the one regret most people have in their lives

omg 16/05/2019

While there are people out there who live by the 'live life with no regrets' mantra religiously, there are many out there who have a couple, a few or a lot of regrets in their lifetime.

And while for some it may be that they never got out there and travelled the world, or they didn't tell that one person their true feelings about them, research has found the one biggest regret that majority of people have.

The regret is that "failing our ideal selves" will be the longest lasting regret people have in their lives.

The new study done by psychologists at Cornell University, deciphered that regret saying that the main thing most regret is not the stupid things they have done in their life, it's about not following or acting on their hopes and dreams.

Tom Gilovich, professor of psychology and the lead author on the study said: “When we evaluate our lives, we think about whether we’re heading toward our ideal selves, becoming the person we’d like to be."

Those are the regrets that are going to stick with you, because they are what you look at through the windshield of life.

“The ‘ought’ regrets are potholes on the road. Those were problems, but now they’re behind you. To be sure, there are certain failures to live up to our ‘ought’ selves that are extremely painful and can haunt a person forever; so many great works of fiction draw upon precisely that fact."

"But for most people those types of regrets are far outnumbered by the ways in which they fall short of their ideal selves.”