The best places to view the Southern Lights this week

NZ 15/05/2019

If you're in Dunedin, Stewart Island or south coast Wellington, you may get a good chance of viewing the Southern Lights.

Also known as Aurora Australis, the lights are similar to the northern hemisphere's Aurora borealis, but unlike the Northern Lights, our southern hemisphere version is viewable all year round.

And with the nights getting longer, it means better chances of getting a good look at them!

According to Professor Craig Rodger from Otago University's physics department - the fun isn't over yet.

He told Newshub, normally, he wouldn't be able to predict auroras, but recent activity on the sun means the likelihood of more lights has increased.

To give yourself the best opportunity to view the southern lights, you would need a dark and clear night, so places like Wellington's Red Rocks are an ideal location.

Look south and low on the horizon, the best time to view the lights is between 9pm and 3am on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. 

However, if that doesn't work, then Stewart Island will be your best bet!