Hilarious Facebook group unites people from all over the world who hate corriander

funny stuff 14/12/2020

If you loathe coriander, and can't think of anything worse that could ruin a meal, then the Facebook group called I Hate Coriander is a Facebook group you need to join!

The Facebook group boasts over 206,000 people who all share the same hate for the herb.

The group shares memes and photos of situations where their coriander-hating comes to the fore, such as when it's liberally sprinkled on top of soups or used as a garnish on an avo toast brekkie. They even have a gallery of 'I hate coriander' tattoos and regularly feature photos of people putting coriander in the toilet, or photos of themselves 'flipping the bird' to the controversial herb!

According to science there is a reason why there is such a community of coriander haters.

In 2012 genetic testing company 23andMe surveyed 50,000 people asking them why they liked coriander (also called cilantro) or if they found it to be soapy in taste. 

They identified two common genetic variants linked to people's 'soap' perceptions, and a follow-up study in a separate sub-set of customers confirmed this.

However, as with many scientific observation there are anomalies. Another factor on whether people love or loathe coriander is said to be familial and people who are exposed to coriander growing up are more likely to enjoy it than those who don't. 

So there you have it!