You could get paid $10,000 to eat fries and pasta all day long

we love 12/07/2019

Feel like getting paid to eat pasta, fries, bread, eggs and other bland foods all day long? Well an experiment in the UK is seeking members of the public to do just that - they'll even pay you to do it!

The researchers are hoping to find out how vitamins have an effect on people who eat a bland diet.

"We are looking to recruit three members of the public, who already eat a poor diet, to simply continue to eat ‘beige’ food for a month whilst taking our one-a-day multivitamin." they job listing reads.

"What’s more, we’re willing to pay the right candidates £5,000 each to prove that our multivitamin is effective in delivering 18 key vitamins and minerals."

"As a ‘vitamin tester’, you will need to continue to eat a non-balanced diet for 30 days, consisting of mostly ‘beige’ foods like white bread, chicken, eggs, pasta and rice, under the ongoing supervision of a qualified nutritionist and doctor, who will make sure you’re meeting your individual required calorie and macro targets."

You can find more info and the application form for the job on the 'Feel' website.