Adorable 'Baby Shark' inspired kids shoes prove a hit with parents

we love 26/08/2019

We all know the song 'Baby Shark'... Most kids haven't stopped singing it for the past year! But now there's a new way for fans of the song to express their love.

Baby Shark themed kids shoes have proved a hit after they popped up on the online shopping website Etsy.

The shoes are custome made by Etsy user '818VinylCreations'.

Photo credit: Etsy | 818VinylCreations

While they are pretty cute, the shoes are at the pricier end of spectrum seeing as they are custom made. They are currently selling on Etsy for around $100 - $120 NZD.

Photo credit: Etsy | 818VinylCreations

Reviews for the product have been pretty positive, enough so for them to earn a 5 star rating!

"We absolutely love them! The shoes look amazing, our little guy was so happy to see them. 'Shark, shark' he kept saying, thank you so much for these!" wrote one mum.

"I LOVE them and I can’t wait for my daughter to wear them on her first birthday." said another reviewer.

So if your kid is still a bit crazy about 'Baby Shark' this could be a great and different gift idea!