Bridesmaid sends 'petty' invoice to bride after being dumped from wedding party

omg 14/08/2019

This bridesmaid is going viral online after sending an invoice to the bride after dealing with what she calls an 'unbearable' hens night.

The bridal party went away for a weekend, in a post online the bridesmaid said the bride "acted like a complete bridezilla the whole time."

"She was miserable, every little thing set her off, she complained about her shoes hurting, she freaked out about every little thing," the woman continued.

"For me the last straw was when I told her we all spent a lot of money to be there and I left my two little kids at home to be there."

The argument raged until the early hours of the morning when the bride decided she would call it quits and go home.

The bridesmaid was then cut from the bridal party and wedding entirely. Upon hearing the news, the bridesmaid sent the bride an invoice for her work up to that point.

All up the invoice came to around $3000 NZD...

"This is petty and I LOVE it," one person replied.

"This is pettiness level goals that I can only aspire to," somone else said.

"I dream of being this petty," another agreed.

Sounds like this relationship might take a bit of work to repair!