Mum's hilarious 'before & after' pics of daughter's first day at school goes viral

funny stuff 27/08/2019

A mum's 'before & after' pics of her daughter's first day back at school have gone viral online.

Kids in the UK have just started back at school after their summer break, but this photo perfectly sums up what a hard days work can feel like!

The before pic shows the young girl looking pretty dressed up, while the after pic has her looking a bit more scruffy...

Speaking to Romper, the girl's mum said "Lucie had come home from school and her dad had asked how Lucie's first day back had gone."

"So I sent him the picture as he was still at work. He thought it was a great picture; we then shared this to social media and with our local paper who then published it online and it has gone crazy since!"

People have been quick to share their thoughts on the photo...

"That’s what I look like when I get home from school , and I’m the teacher!" one person wrote.

"Fantastic, this picture should be used for shops advertising back to school clothes and how durable they are."

At least it looks like she had a great time!