Parents and kids are using Kmart to create the ultimate Lego hack

we love 14/08/2019

Lego is a toy that has been loved by Kiwis for generations, and you would almost be hardpressed to find a home that hasn't had a piece on Lego in it at somepoint throughout history.

While there are loads of Lego storage hacks out there in the world, none quite compare to this newly discovered Kmart Lego table hack.

Sharing on Facebook, an Aussie grandmother has released what is quite possibly the ultimate LEGO table hack, and using budget pieces from Kmart to boot!

“Our first Kmart hack for a Lego table for our grandkids.... To say Hubby and I are very pleased with what we have done is an understatement. Our real judges are yet to see this .... fingers crossed 🤞”, she posted.

Using Kmart's stylish $42 Scandi desk and 3 Lego grey baseplates, her husband stuck each piece down using super glue from Bunnings. 

They then used $3 narrow drawer inserts for storage and screwed them in place on the desk.

The hack has gone viral on the Kmart Facebook group, and many are praising the Australian grandma and grandpa as the grandparents of the year!