Parents have split opinion as Weight Watchers launch app to help weightloss in kids

parenting 15/08/2019

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has come under a bit of stick after it launched a brand new weightloss app designed for kids as young as eight.

The app, named Kurbo, is owned by the people who own WW, was billed as an aide to "help kids and teens reach a healthier weight and build healthy habits."

But, it has been accused of promoting unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders. 

The launch was announced on Twitter alongside a promo video in which 12-year-old Julianna speaks about improving her running mile time at school, and her mother Zsuzsanna relishes in no longer having to be "the food police.

"It's about being more healthy, and active and feeling good about yourself," the preteen tells prospective users.

The app, which is currently only available in the US provides children with their own coach, who they have a 15 minute video chat with per week, and they are encouraged to follow a Stanford University-backed 'traffic light' system to manage intake of unhealthy foods.

But many have torn the app apart online.

(Please excuse the colourful language used in the following tweets)

WW was quick to attempt to defend the app on social media, as were others who supported the app's intentions.