Dad's heartwarming message about the family tradition he does with his sons

we love 12/09/2019

A son has shared his dad's heartwarming Instagram posts detailing the cute tradition the family has done for years.

"So me and the boys have a weekly tradition going back years now."

Each week the dad and his 3 sons would go out for ice-cream and a catch-up at the same place.

"We would sit at the same table and order from the same little old lady, never deviating from our routine."

One by one the sons left home but the tradition still kept going. Eventually, the dad was the only one left in town - but he found a way to keep the tradition going.

In a heartwarming final post on his Instagram, the dad perfectly summed up how he was feeling now all of his kids had flown the coop.

It "was never really about the thing, spending time driving to and from and talking, listening to their music and watching them all interact as brothers, now that was the thing."

"Maybe I'll get by here every now and then, certainly when they're all home... But without them here it's just ice-cream"

This is just the sweetest!