Mum marks daughter's first day at kindy with adorable Toy Story inspired photo

we love 04/09/2019

To mark her daughter's first day at kindergarten, this mum created a cute Toy Story inspired photo.

Characters from the film series (Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Rex, and Slinky Dog) are seen standing in a line bidding farewell to their to young owner - much like how it happens in the movie!

The mum shared her photo onto a Facebook group called 'Picture Play' where it received a huge amount of feedback.

"Hanna loves Toy Story so I wanted to try getting them in a picture for her first day of school and this picture just sort of evolved. I'm not going to lie, it came out even better than I imagined!"

Many have praised the simple photo idea, with some parents saying they'll be trying out similar ideas with their own kids.

Source: PopSugar