Mum's hilarious 'tampon toilet troubles' with her kids goes viral

omg 09/09/2019

This mum is going viral online after sharing the equally hilarious and heartwarming story of what happened to her when she tried to go toilet in a public rest room with her 4 kids.

The story may sound dramatic to begin with, but finishes with a touching message!

The mum starts her Facebook post by explaining her hectic morning with 4 kids in tow. Nature called, so she crammed the 4 of them into the same toilet cubicle as herself. One by one they went toilet until finally it was Mum's turn... She quickly noticed something however, 'Aunt Flow' had made her arrival.

"I normally celebrate the arrival of Aunt Flow." she wrote.

"It’s typically a glorious day because it lets me know that I have escaped the fate of creating life yet again. My husband had a vasectomy last year and I have an IUD, but, I’m pretty sure this is an impending doom that never goes away until I hit menopause."

“As I greeted Aunt Flow upon her arrival, the twins LOST THEIR SH*T. I pull the toilet paper out and they shriek in terror with, "OHHHH MY MOMMY IS DYING" "HELP MY MOMMY BECAUSE HER PEEPEE IS BLEEDING TO DEATH" while they are clawing at the door like I have turned into a Zombie coming after them.”

“I hear the chuckles coming from all the stalls around me as I am digging in the diaper bag for a little item to help me out.”

“Guess how many I found? NONE.”

“So, Micah has successfully crawled out of the stall, Lilah has her head between my knees looking to see where my "boo boo" is because Doc McStuffins has fully certified and licensed her with her fucking PhD.”

“I literally say “shit” 100 times while realising I have to improvise. Just when I have given up all hope...Micah crawls back under the door and saves the day ya'll. This little child had a tampon in his mouth (in the wrapping) while shrieking with joy. I hear a "did you get it or did he eat it" come from outside the stall, and you guys, THIS IS HOW WE SURVIVE PARENTHOOD.”

“We send tampon carriers in the form of toddlers to save each other in the bathroom and that is why us bitches have to stick together.”

“If you are the Angel of Tampons, I commend you for your service. You are worth more than words can ever describe & you are a creative ass bitch. I did not know Micah was capable of such tasks and now, I will forever use him to fetch all of my feminine products.”

“God bless you, Angel of Tampons.”

Sure this might not be your regular 'heartwarming' story, but it's pretty entertaining nonetheless.

You can read the full post from the Mum below...