Optical illusion has people seeing this tunnel as something more x-rated

omg 03/09/2019

People are losing it online after seeing this photo of a tunnel.

The pic is an optical illusion where at first glance, many people actually see a woman's bum and underwear instead of the road it actually is... It may sound a bit odd, but many people have been fooled!

The image was uploaded to Reddit with the caption 'driving right into the butt.'

A few people didn't get the illusion straight away, so someone pointed it out for those who struggled. "The black ceiling looks like a bikini bottom or something, with the sides of the tunnel looking like the upper thigh."

Many other people commented with some witty replies...

"This tunnel has a better body than me," one person commented.

"Whole new meaning to tunnel vision," another joked.

"Nice ass-phalt." said another.

Did this optical illusion have you fooled from the get go?