People aren't sold on KFC's new fried chicken and glazed doughnut burgers

omg 19/09/2019

This takes the sweet and savoury food combo to a whole new level! KFC overseas are currently trialling a new fried chicken and glazed doughnut burger.

The company have started serving it in a few stores overseas and reaction has been mixed...

"I'm not one to bang the drum with 'clean eating' but this sounds absolutely horrendous." one person wrote.

"This looks disgusting... When can I try it?" another said excitedly.

Sadly, those wishing to try the burger in NZ will have to wait a while. A Restaurant Brands spokesperson told Stuff that "at this point in time, we will not be bringing Chicken and Doughnuts to New Zealand, but that's not to say we won't consider it in the future."

So until that day, you might just have to make your own version at home!