Woman's Kmart hair clip hack labeled 'genius'

we love 09/09/2019

It's heading into the warmer months which means soon we will be breaking out our pretty summer dresses (or at least dreaming of them!).

The only thing with summer dresses is that they can more often than not possess those little, fiddly spaghetti straps.

While they look gorgeous, sometimes they just aren't practical when they keep falling down your arms.

But one Melbourne based woman has discovered a very cost efficient (and styley!) way to keep those pesky straps from falling.

And of course, she discovered the hack at Kmart.

After browsing her local Kmart department store, the thrifty young woman discovered a set of three pretty hairclips for just $5 and decided to put them to the test on her new dress.

The genius hack worked perfectly by holding the straps together at the back - while also looking seamlessly stylish at the same time.