Dad sparks heated debate after paying his daughter to lose weight

omg 10/10/2019

A father has sparked a heated debate online after revealing his plans to pay his adult daughter to lose weight.

"I have grown increasingly worried about my daughter's weight." the man wrote on Reddit.

"It has gotten beyond the point of merely an aesthetic issue, and I have genuine concerns about her health."

"I suggested that if she started going to the gym, I would give her extra money. This is to serve as a motivator, but also for practical reasons as she can pick up fewer shifts at her job and have more time to go to the gym."

"The deal is $15 per hour spent at the gym. This is working on an honour system since I trust her, and I did not think it would be appropriate to pay her by *weight* lost (could encourage unhealthy eating and so on). My wife thinks this is a 'disgusting' idea, but I think I am helping her by replacing her shifts at her job with 'shifts' at the gym - and financially compensating this."

The reaction to the man's idea has been mixed online...

"I can see it's out of love but please be careful that this doesn't turn and bite you." one person wrote.

"My mum has spent the last 10 years of my life trying to control my weight with bribes, with paying for personal trainers, with all sorts. All it did was push a wedge between us." said another.

But others didn't seem to think it was as big a deal, saying 'motivation comes in different forms'

Do you see any issues with the father's approach?