Mum writes hilarious post about why DIY shopping is a 'marriage destroyer'

funny stuff 10/10/2019

An Aussie mum has written a brutally honest (and hilarious) post about the stress of shopping in large DIY stores with kids and your other half.

The mum clearly wrote the post in a fit of rage and loads of people are agreeing with her! The post has been shared and liked thousands of times.

You can read an abridged version of the woman's post below...

"Bunnings. It seems like a good idea, but any longer than 40 minutes in this hell-hole can be damaging for relationships.

Even a snag on some s***tty bread with onions (on the bottom) isn’t enough to take the edge off this Marriage Destroyer™️ disguised as a DIY paradise.

The kids start out cool with their miniature trolleys and the promise of a playground. But soon enough, while you are arguing over which length of hose you need, cart or no cart, wall mounted or not, kink rating (settle down) and multitude of attachments, they start to crack...

The next one comes when you don’t know if the goods you’re after are in aisle 44 or aisle 2. That’s a lot of ground to cover, even if Stuart the helper was able to guide you through this labyrinth of pain.

Try picking plants as a couple at your peril. Native or ornamental? Edible or flowers? Succulent or delicate? More kneecapping and twitchy kids who look dangerously close to smashing a pile of terracotta pots. That sausage seems like it happened decades ago.

Ooh look! Cheap portable airconditioners and $18 saw horses. Surely we need some of these? Fire pits are pretty cool aren’t they? Think of the serenity. Wow, those buckets are a bargain.

You load up not thinking about how Crystal at the checkout is going to check you out. The barcodes are hidden under 400 kilos of potting mix and s**t. Your bird netting is smashed between the cheap $30 door for your saw horses and the piping for the strawberry patch. The kids are now thumping each other and reminding you why you always say that a trip to Bunnings is like sticking a knife in your eye on the weekend. The Husband is staring at you like he wants to leave you for Crystal at the checkout.

Then you’ve got to pack the car. Get the kids inside before they get run over. Get that stupid flat bed trolley back to the bay and navigate your way through a bunch of *idiots* who can’t ****ing drive.

Then you get home and there’s been a cool change, the sun is gone and you can’t be *bothered* doing any gardening.

Bunnings. Who’d bother?"

You can read the full uncensored post below...