Woman confuses online shoppers after posing next to a coffin for a dress review

omg 25/10/2019

Reviews for products bought online are fairly common place these days, but online shoppers have been left scrating their heads after this woman's review of a dress she got from Amazon.

The woman posted a photo of her in the dress along with her review, but the photo she chose had her standing next to a coffin...

"I love this dress! I normally stick with black or muted colors but the royal blue color called to me. I’m so glad I went with that one. It fits great and I love the pockets!" 

"I actually wore it to my father’s funeral and many people commented on how it was the perfect color on me. Would definitely buy again. (I ordered a large!)"

Many people questioned if it was bad taste for the woman to post the photo of her standing next to a coffin...

"You would think she'd have snapped a pic in the mirror at home. But, what do I know!?" one person wrote.

Other stuck up for the woman, "It’s not like she’s twerking on the casket!" another wrote.

Do you think there's anything wrong with the photo or not?