Bride's 'first look' photo shoot goes viral after dog eats her bouquet

we love 02/12/2019

First look photo shoots are usually when a groom sees his bride dressed up on their wedding day for the first time... But this photoshoot came with a twist!

Instead of doing the shoot with her groom, this bride chose to do it with their dog Zeke... But things went a little bit awry.

"While it’s not uncommon for couples to bring their pets to engagement sessions, seeing them (pets) there on the wedding day doesn’t happen often," the photographer told Bored Panda.

"When Kristen requested doing the ‘first look’ with Zeke, I very excitedly agreed that it was such a cute idea!"

"I love when couples incorporate their pets into portrait sessions and weddings. Pets bring out such honest, authentic emotion from their owners, making it so easy to capture the genuine joy they feel when they’re with their beloved pets."

When Zeke saw the bride for the first time, he raced towards her and immediately tried to eat her bouquet - check out the adorable photos in the Instagram gallery below...