This mum makes delicious cocktails using a secret ingredient from her pantry

we love 08/11/2019

We all know being a parent often means being so run off your feet that you don't get a chance to do a supermarket shop. 

Having no ingredients in the pantry means impromptu cocktails are kind of off the cards when you finally get a break from the kids then... but they don't have to be!

Mum Eleanor Tracey has shared a trick for mixing up a fancy cocktail with an ingredient you'll likely have in the pantry - baby food. 

Yes, you read that right. After some quick thinking on a girls night with fellow mums, 40-year-old Eleanor decided to mix in a pouch of peach flavoured baby food into her prosecco to make a Bellini.

"I had a very rare night off from mummy/work/wife duty to hang out with some other mum friends and moan about work, kids, lack of sleep, never having any us time and we thought we would use Ella’s peach pouches to pimp our Prosecco and make some Bellinis – we have named them Ellinis," said Eleanor. 

"We all thought it was a brilliant and hilarious idea – it turns out we're not the first people to use these in alcoholic drinks and we certainly won't be the last."

Since her drinks went down so well with her pals, the mum has since tried using other fruit pouches to create cocktails.

She's made a tasty strawberry vodka cocktail using the strawberry pouch puree, vodka, tonic water, sugar syrup and mint and is planning to try pear martinis next time she has friends over.

Guess we know what we're trying tonight...